Caves and Grottos

Kim Quy Cave (Golden Tortoise Cave)

There are many caves and grottoes that visitors can see when they tour Halong Bay, but many of them can be filled with tourists. If you want to take a tour that is smaller and less busy, try visiting Kim Quy Cave. This is also known as Golden Tortoise Cave, and it is both beautiful

Luon cave

Luon cave located in Bo Hon island. It is 14km in south from Bai Chay beach. Near Turtle island and Suprise Cave. In right of ai??? Heaven Gate ai??? where wall of rock is sheer. The water of 4 reasons in turquoise as a grass.Ai??Closing to water, have a gate of arc open at the

Bo Nau cave

Overview Halong Bayai??i??s limestone islands are dotted with caves of all sizes and shapes. Most of these are accessible only by chaerter boat, but some can easily be visited on tour.

Day and Night Cave

Day and Night Cave is one of the most beautiful tunnel in Halong bay, you will have nice time to explore this tunnel by kayaking and swimming.

Tien Ong Cave

Tien Ong Cave is the newest addition to the vast collection of 2000 islets in the World Heritage Halong Bay. The name Tien Ong Cave is yet to ring a bell to many tourists, but the cave is on its way to become a star in Halong itinerary.

Halong Caves

Halong Bay is the number one tourist attraction drawing a steady stream of visitors year round in the North East region of Vietnam. Honorably recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994, it is a priceless collection of spectacular islands, grottoes and caves. Sung Sot cave: Situated in the central zone of Halong

Hanh Cave

When visitingAi??Halong bay, visitors can not miss Hanh cave.Ai??This cave is 9 km from Cam Pha province and is 20 km from Baichay Tourist Wharf. Hanh cave is the longest and the most beautiful cave compared to other caves in Halong bay. The length of cave is 1,3 kilometer along Hanh mountain and cross out