Kim Quy Cave (Golden Tortoise Cave)

There are many caves and grottoes that visitors can see when they tour Halong Bay, but many of them can be filled with tourists. If you want to take a tour that is smaller and less busy, try visiting Kim Quy Cave. This is also known as Golden Tortoise Cave, and it is both beautiful and interesting. It is the perfect stop for someone who wants to extend their tour without being surrounded by a large group of people. It is also ideal for tourists who have seen most of the large caves but still want to enjoy some of the smaller sites.

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Location and features

The cave is located on Dam Nam islet how do i lnow if need viagra. can compazine be crushed. , which is about 100 meters long, and it is near to both Dam Bac Island and Soi Sim Island. Kim Quy Cave stretches in a north-south direction, with a peak 187 meters above sea level. The caveai??i??s width ranges from 5 to 10 meters. A narrow way leads to the interior of the cave where a stream flows. The stalactites here are snow-white and lightly hang from the ceiling.

Kim Quy cave
Kim Quy cave


Kim Quy Cave has an interesting legend associated with its name and with the primary limestone feature within the grotto. During an ancient battle, the Golden Tortoise fought alongside Emperor Le Loi to help him conquer the emperorai??i??s enemies. The Golden Tortoise used his magical sword to defeat them, and he carried the sword with him when he left. As he was swimming home, he was faced with numerous demons and evil spirits that were living in the waters of Halong Bay. He eventually defeated every one of them, but the battles left him so tired and weary that he swam to a grotto to rest. Once he entered the grotto, he was immortalized by turning to stone. The Golden Tortoise is still resting in the cave as a limestone feature, and visitors will see that the many wounds and scars of his battles are still visible.

Kim Quy cave
Kim Quy cave

Natural beauty

While it is not one of the most popular stops on most tours of Halong Bay, Kim Quy is definitely worth seeing. The grotto is filled with stalactites that are almost pure white. A stream flows through the grotto, which adds a feeling of peaceful serenity. Visitors will be able to hear the soft murmur of the streamai??i??s water as they tour the cave. There are also small stalagmites that resemble the ironwood stakes that were used in Dau Go Cave to defeat the Mongol ships.

Of the many caves and grottoes in Halong Bay, Kim Quy is one that visitors should tour when they want to see something peaceful and beautiful. Its natural beauty and interesting legend make it a wonderful place to stop when tourists want to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet during their stay.

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