Mat Quy islet & Thien Nga islet

Mat Quy Islet

Mat Quy Islet (Monster Head Islet) is situated in the territory of Bai Tu Long Bay, near Am Islet (Kettle Islet). Mat Quy Islet is about 30-35 meters above the sea level.

Mat Quy Islet is about 30-35 meters above the sea level. Itai??i??s considered as a sculptural masterpiece of the Creator in the vast expanse of water. Looking from a far, itai??i??s easy to imagine the islet is a fossilized head of a monster. The monster head has a big nose on a distorted face.

Mat Quy islet
Mat Quy islet

This horrible islet is interested by tourists visiting Halong bay. Some local inhabitants believe that the islet is head of the monster which was killed by Kim Quy (the Golden Turtoise) as its criminal against man.

>>Ai??Con Coc islet & Dinh Huong islet

Thien Nga islet

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Thien Nga Islet (Swan Islet) is a stone island situated on Bai Tu Long Bay, right next to Cong Tay Island. Thien Nga Islet is about 15 meters high above the sea level.

Thien Nga islet
Thien Nga islet

The islet comprises three stones piling on each others. The largest block forms a swan body and the two left shapes a head and neck of the swan. The perfect combination of blocks creates a great sculpture sharing the shape with a swan. Gazing from a far distance, the islet resembles a beautiful swan swimming on the sea and losing its herd.

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